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Dear Sprinkler Head: A Story from Jewel

Here’s a little excerpt from Sorry I Pooped in Your Shoe.

Dear Sprinkler Head,

First of all, I respect you as I respect all great adversaries. Sprinkler Head is second only to Vacuum Cleaner in terms of ferocity. No matter how hard Jewel bites Sprinkler Head’s stream of water, Sprinkler Head keeps turning and sprinkling. My pack leader says I’m a dumb doggie, that Jewel can never figure out Sprinkler Head’s tactics. I’m always surprised when Sprinkler Head pops out of the ground. Sprinkler Head waits till I’m stuck in crouching potty position, knows I’m vulnerable for attack, then pops out of the ground and Sprinkler Head does business on Jewel while Jewel does business on lawn.

But we’re not finished, Sprinkler Head. One day I will bite your stream of water just right and you will shut off and retreat, knowing that Jewel has victoriously defended herself against an irrigation system.

Your worthy opponent, Jewel

Thank you to Jeremy Greenberg for granting us permission to share this story from Sorry I Pooped in Your Shoe.  More details about the book Amazon.ca: Jeremy Greenberg: Books – http://amzn.to/16zZ74E